The new system (WHY?!!#$%&#)

Why did David switch?

The old system worked ok as long I allowed parents to use their own names and info when they were really scheduling lessons for their children.  The old system would not allow kids schedules to be linked to their parents, therefore a parent would have had to log out and log in again to see the schedules for each of his or her kids (but I skipped that level of organization so you wouldn’t have to deal with multiple logins).  It would have been a huge hassle especially for parents with more than one kid, so I just let parents use their own names on the schedule.

With some kids now studying multiple instruments with different teachers, it became necessary  to switch to a system that would allow one login per household while allowing multiple kids to be linked to one parent’s payment info and login and allow different siblings to study different instruments with different lesson lengths and different teachers.  The old system did not have this capability.

Had I continued to use the old system, a parent with two students would have needed to have three separate logins and passwords (one for yourself, and one for each of your kids) which would be a huge pain.

So, although it is a bit more of a hassle to switch between multiple kids schedules within your account in the new system, it is MUCH smoother than having to log out and log in again for each kid and then again for yourself if you wanted to check payment or billing info.

Thank you for your patience while I make this switch and work out the bugs. I apologize that some aspects of scheduling are not as quick and easy as you are used to.

The success of this studio is due to your dedication, loyalty, and word of mouth, but also in allowing scheduling and paying to be completely automated online so all the teachers can use our time and energy to interact musically with parents and students and not be bogged down by administration.

As always, I welcome your feedback.

David Rhodes