Creative Ability Development: Now included in all monthly plans.

RSoM teacher Rusty Kennedy spent a week in New York working with visionary educator Alice Kanack to bring the Creative Ability Development program to Rhodes School of Music. These classes are open to all instruments and all ages. These classes will give students opportunities for improvisation and collaboration.

About Creative Ability Development:
Creative Ability Development (CAD) is a method which uses musical improvisation as a tool to develop the creative side of the brain. It’s pedagogical purpose is to teach unique self expression or musicality. It’s philosophical purpose is to develop the ethical character of artistry in every student, which is the search for, and expression of, truth and beauty. CAD teaches students how to create together and share ideas, and inspires in each student a non-competitive internal drive for excellence.

The method is based on research, which explains how the process of creativity works in the brain to solve problems. Using music as a language and improvisation as a tool, the method of CAD replicates this creative process through group games and solo exercises. Through disciplined practice of the CAD method, all students can develop their innate creative ability to a very high level.

A Brief History:
CAD began with a student challenged by the educational system of his time. He was an extremely creative, musically brilliant child struggling with analytical teaching styles. The CAD approach was initially created as a response to his needs. It was further developed through research into how the creative process works in the brain. Early on, CAD was deeply influenced by the Suzuki pedagogical approach, resulting in a system that works beautifully side-by-side with Suzuki.


Classes are Sundays and Tuesdays at 5:00pm.

For more information, please visit or sign your student up for his or her first class! 323-464-1154.