Policies & Prices

THANK YOU for studying music with us! Our teachers reserve time on their schedules, plan lessons, and invest in the long-term development of each student. To provide regular, quality lessons we ask that the following policies are observed. We want every student to receive every lesson. We love hearing our students become better musicians and we want you and your students to enjoy making music as much as we do.

  1. Tuition is billed automatically every month to the card you have on file and includes one lesson per week. This will secure a recurring weekly time on your teacher’s schedule. Most months will have 4 lessons. Some will have 5 and some will have 3 (during the holidays). This does not affect the monthly rate.
  2. Tuition is not adjusted for missed or canceled lessons.
  3. Group make-up classes can be scheduled on the weekends when lessons are missed. These classes are offered at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays and there are classes for every instrument and level. 
  4. In the occasional event of a teacher absence, we will provide a qualified substitute. The opportunity to work with a different teacher can be a great benefit, so our billing and attendance policies still apply.
  5. Lessons cannot be discontinued in the middle of a billing cycle.
  6. To suspend or discontinue lessons and payments, the front desk (not your teacher) needs to be notified by the 15 of the month before your next bill date.

30 minutes per week = $184 / month
Best for kids under 10 and adults who wish to study casually.

45 minutes per week = $276 / month
Best for kids over 10 and adults.

60 minutes per week = $368 / month
Best for serious adult and teenage students.

There is a $35 sign-up fee per student.