Welcome new students!

Rhodes School of Music is excited to welcome the following students who had their first lesson with us in October! WELCOME to Rhodes School of Music!

Paulo H. W. – flute
Virginia S. – guitar
Sandeep N. – guitar
Nandana N. – voice
Benjamin S. – Trumpet
Ayla R. – Piano
Ana L. – voice
Sasha G. – violin
Dogukan S. – piano
Kim G. – piano
Zoe G. – voice
Van S. – mini-music
Samuel J. – piano
Leah S. – piano
Alexa S. – drums
William R. – violin
Winston R. – piano
Julian N. – guitar
Olivia P. – voice
Dylan L. – electric bass
Caiti H. – piano
Maybel R. – piano
Lucy R. – voice
Christian A. – drums
Isabella M. – piano
Dan O. – mini-music
Ron O. – mini-music
David N. – guitar
Auguste B. K. – mini-music
Jacob G. – guitar
Lorelai M. – piano
Sam S. – piano
Jack S. – piano
Catherine M. – ukulele
Ruth Q. – violin
Chandler K. – drums