Rusty / guitar, brass

Rusty Kennedy is a Los Angeles based bassist, educator, arranger, conductor, and composer. He has over 10 years of experience teaching, and has spent much of that time leading elementary and middle school brass, winds and orchestra and teaching privately. He currently teaches, conducts, and arranges for Harmony Project Ventura, where he teaches brass and leads the orchestra and jazz band. He also currently privately teaches brass and bass at Rhodes School of Music in Larchmont. As an instructor, Rusty is beloved for his positive and optimistic approach and for his ability to truly connect with students. Well-versed in a wide array of genres, including Jazz, Progressive Rock, Blues, Metal, Balkan, Brazilian, Grindcore, West African, Salsa, Funk, R & B, hip hop, Microtonal, Dance, Pop, and even opera, Rusty is sought after for his extreme versatility and his specialized approach to every project. He has toured extensively around the US and has performed at festivals internationally. Just a small fraction of his many projects include Blackberry Tongues, Wax People, Izela, Brundlefly, Bubbeleh, The Baba Orchestra, Atomic Ape, Heart of Cygnus, Felix Martin, and THE INDUSTRY’S HOPSCOTCH. He holds a BFA in jazz bass performance from California Institute of the Arts.