Three Practice Tips for Parents with Kids in Music Lessons

Here are three tips that you can use today to help your student get the most our of his or her music lessons.

  1. Practice as soon as possible after the lesson. This will help cement the concepts that the teacher exhibited in the lesson and make practicing MUCH easier in the days that follow. For instance, you are playing piano or woodwind instruments, make sure to practice and take children’s online piano class and private flute lessons again and again to improve. And if you need someone who can give you feedback or suggestions on how to improve, then you may consider getting help from a professional who can provide song critiques.
  2. Schedule a time for practice. If students know when they are supposed to practice, it can be a smoother experience with less resistance. Kids generally do best in the mornings when their brain is fresh. Immediately after school or immediately after homework practice routines can also work wonders.
  3. Remove the piano from a distraction prone room (such as the room with the TV) but keep them company too. Pets, television, and siblings can make focused practice really difficult but at the same time isolation can diminish a student’s willingness. If a parent can go and read in the same room as the student while they practice, it may feel more social and comfortable for the student.

Give these tips a try! Forming habits and routines take a bit of time but if you can stick with it, you’ll notice improvement in your students practice habits and musical abilities!