Max / piano

Originally from Cincinnati, Max Greenberg grew up jamming with his family and gigging throughout the Midwest with his father, an orchestral and jazz bassist. As a teacher, he understands that every student has a unique approach to learning and finds that music is a beautifully flexible subject that can be tailored to enhance the experience of musicians of any level. Max was classically trained on the piano from age five and received a diploma from the London-based Royal Schools of Music before committing to a jazz performance focus in his undergraduate degree at the College-Conservatory of Music. His love for music and travel eventually led him to study for a semester in São Paulo, Brazil where he was schooled in the nuances of many Brazilian musical styles. A recent transplant from New York, he moved to the west coast after receiving his masters in jazz piano performance at the Eastman School of Music. He is currently enjoying a busy schedule of performing, recording and producing music across the greater LA area.