Logan / piano

Logan Cain is a Los Angeles based musician–composer, pianist, percussionist, recording engineer, and educator–who specializes in new music and electronic music.

Cain’s compositional works are characterized by unique instrumental combinations and a blend of influence from popular music, film music, classical music, and visual art media. Cain readily incorporates electronics in his works with the goal of redefining how audiences experience music. Receiving multiple international premieres, Cain’s music has been performed throughout Germany, Italy, Brazil, and the United States.

In addition to composing, Cain has performed with many well known artists and ensembles, including Sandbox Percussion, Andy Akiho, Charles Peck, and New Morse Code. He frequently performs in a diverse array of musical settings, including wind ensembles, orchestras, operas, chamber groups, big bands, jazz combos, duos, and solo performances. Cain is an active recording artist as a percussionist and pianist, having recorded with the University of Kansas Wind Ensemble under the Klavier and Naxos record labels, as well as recording numerous film scores, jingles, and radio themes.

Cain is also engaged in the film and media industry, having scored Ruben Lueues’s feature-length documentary “Wild Heart”, Walter Brother’s Productions “Thine is the Kingdom” and “A Debt Well Paid”, and numerous short films and commercials throughout the US and abroad. In 2016, Cain’s score received an honorable mention in the Indie Gathering International Film Festival. That same year, Cain was the in-house composer for Ad Astra Radio at the University of Kansas and composed the Ad Astra Radio Theme.

As a recording engineer, Cain specializes in recording classical music, jazz, and film music. He has recorded for Camila Meza, Michael Compitello, New Morse Code, H2 Saxophone Quartet, Michael Kirkendoll, Steven Spooner, and Mike Truesdell. Most recently, he was the supervising sound editor for the 2021 feature film Hank and Jolene, directed by Derek Shimoda. In 2019, Cain worked as an assistant audio editor for the confectionery company Haribo, helping to create the episode “Sour Sorcerers” for their Haribo Chewy Channel. Logan served as the assistant recording engineer at the University of Kansas from 2015 to 2019, under the guidance of recordist Brock Babcock.

Cain graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Music Composition from the University of Kansas in 2019.